A Note from Our Writer/Producer

I’m sure you’ve heard that inside each of us there is an inner child who bears the weight of – and often protests against – whatever negative experience we have endured as an adult.  I see that inner child as a connection to our Source, more of an inner spirit, and when set free that energy serves as our guide to happiness.  We are here to journey through this life as individuals, yet somehow along the way we have been trained to think we should move collectively as one unit and leave that individuality behind.  The opposite is true, and that is why I named this program Speak Your Spirit, so that you see it not only as a way to better give a speech or presentation but also as a way to communicate with personal meaning.  A connection to that inner spirit will lessen any fear you have and allow you to finally do something you thought was impossible:  express something others think is important to hear.  You are already invaluable but now we have to convince you of that truth.

I was a shy, awkward kid who really didn’t begin to socialize until mid to upper elementary school.  I eventually blossomed to become Class President my senior year and dedicate most of my adult life to a career in radio, much to the shock of my early educators.  Yet that part of me who just wants to run and hide rather than be part of a group or initiate conversation with a total stranger still exists, despite my decades-long public exposure.  Maybe I too have needed to feel important, to be vindicated on some level, after years of telling myself I wasn’t good enough for some reason.  It wasn’t until the birth of my son that I truly realized how hard I had been on myself.  If I was willing to make sure my child felt confidence in this world, why couldn’t I give that gift to me?

Admittedly public speaking has not been a great fear of mine, having done it since I was young.  But I do know fear in other arenas and the disappointing results giving into it can cause in one’s life.  I also understand the sensation of feeling alone in a crowd and the courage it takes to push yourself to being part of any community.  Combining that ease of speaking in public with the empathy for those who feel they can’t led me to create Speak Your Spirit as an avenue of learning that is easy on your schedule and inexpensive to your budget.

You can do it.  You have important things to say, and there are people whose lives can change by hearing your story.  Give yourself and others the chance to know what you want to talk about.  And thank you for allowing me to be part of your life.  I look forward to the real you.

– Melissa