Why We’re Different

Time, money, and comfort are the ways Speak Your Spirit separates its guidance to help those who are afraid to be in front of people from everyone else.  Most programs expect a time commitment of an entire day or weekend, with an investment of hundreds to thousands of dollars.  The result? An overly-dynamic personality that makes you feel more like a follower rather than a leader, who spends the majority of the time talking about the posture of your body rather than the importance of your heart.  One such educator even published the article, “Confessions of a Former Public Speaking Trainer:  Don’t Waste Your Money,” arguing that such seminars can do more harm than good.

Speak Your Spirit‘s creator, Melissa Carter, has been a media personality for over 20 years, and given dozens of speeches in front of very diverse crowds.  In that time she also encountered many audience members who expressed an admiration for what was a natural ability to her and a source of extreme anxiety for them.  Not satisfied being one of the few to experience the catharsis of public speaking and touching other people’s lives, Melissa decided to offer Speak Your Spirit in a way that even the shyest among us could feel comfortable with the program.

If you have half-an-hour and $50 to spend, the Speak Your Spirit  audio download and companion transcript offer a different way to look at your fear and an opportunity to start believing you too can stand on a stage and share your story.   The best part, you don’t even have to leave the safety of your home to take part.

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